Fontanot Italy present its new collection-Cantilever Wall Staircase

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NEW DELHI: Italian heritage brand Fontanot said that it has launched its new collection Cantilever Wall Staircase.

The Model Cantilever Wall Staircase are Floating Treads with grooves to connect to the steel side structure onto a Load Bearing Wall. It provides an excellent solution for linear configurations with customizable height.

In India, Fontanot has tied up with P3 Architectural Solutions for their exclusive distribution.

The internal structure of the tread and the fastening plate, 1 cm thick, are in opaque white varnished steel. Two different kinds of treads are available: the final tread, to be installed at the arrival (with fastenings for the side wall and for the floor slab) and a straight tread to be installed in.

As with any Cantilevered Staircase the WALL tread is made of 100% Solid Beech Wood with Tread width of 80 ‐ 90 cm, Tread Depth of 30 cm & Tread Thickness of 8.5 cm. The company is always researching with architectural glass so that we can provide our customers fresh, individual and innovative glass staircase design.

Roopesh Gupta, Managing Director, P3 Architectural Solutions stated, “Innovative designs and customization has been the major focus for the brand, Fontanot. This Italian based brand has 70 years of research and study on the product, the scale and its functional features which has led to a production of highly configurable staircases, made in a variety of materials capable of meeting any requirements.”

FONTANOT’s stair range represents the most qualified and complete expression of SPIRAL & WINDER Stairs in the market. FONTANOT Modular and Customized Staircases are designed to solve any project demand with elegance & simplicity. The Company’s products are Indoor and Outdoor Staircases and various types of Railings including Glass Railings.