CMC launches two new KalingaStone products for minimalist bathrooms

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NEW DELHI: Classic Marble Company (CMC) has launched its latest products in KalingaStone marble – Melissa and in Terrazzo marble – the Hudson Sky. Designed for minimalistic décor, the two products combine to create an elegant bathroom space.

The mild colour tone of the Melissa installed in flooring and wall cladding suavely blends with the mosaic design of Hudson Sky installed for the vanity counter. The Melissa displays a grainy pattern across its plain white marble surface and the Hudson Sky, also a white slab, but with the bold terrazzo chips in shades of black, brown and grey.

The two designs synergize to offer a calming atmosphere for a refreshing and energizing experience for the user.

The products are suitable for a range of applications in the living, bed and bath areas in both residential and commercial spaces. Terrazzo has five collections and over 30 shades to choose from.

Both the KalingaStone marble products are strong, durable and offer great aesthetic value. The Melissa as well as the Hudson Sky slab surfaces can be polished for an extended life and shine. The products are resistant to scratching and staining and being less porous makes them suitable for areas that comes in contact with liquids. The products are easy to maintain making them ideal choices for flooring and wall clad applications in commercial as well as residential areas.