Modern luxury high-rises offer sustainable living to address global environmental issues

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By Samyak Doshi, Director, Bhoomi Group
There is a growing concern among people across the world on the ill-effects of global warming and climate change. We have seen this manifest itself in the form of tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanos, landslides, cloud bursts that have pounded countries across the globe. Here in India too, people are waking up to this alarming reality. There is more awareness on protecting our environment, if we are to survive as a human race. In line with this concern, we see this reflected in the way most modern high-rise luxury housing projects are being constructed. Such projects incorporate the concept of ‘Sustainable Living’ as its core philosophy.

Post pandemic, people have become more health conscience and look at ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There is a convergence between healthy and sustainable living which go hand in hand. Developers of modern high-rise luxury housing projects understand these concerns and incorporate both these features in all high-end luxury residential projects. Since these projects go vertical rather than horizontal there is more space available around such projects. Vertical development doesn’t take up much of land which is anyway scarce, they use the surrounding area around these high-rise towers to create lush greenery with sylvan surroundings in the form of gardens, jogging tracks, swimming pool, Amphitheatre, Yoga & Meditation zone etc., for the residents.

Apart from providing such amenities they also incorporate green products in the construction and building process, apart from the latest techniques like advanced MIVAN formwork technology that ensures durability & faster construction with accurate and smooth finish. Sustainable design in such projects have minimum impact on the environment. Most projects that are green certified use construction material, electrical fittings, bathroom fittings, water conservation process and even paints that are environmentally friendly. Also, these projects promote healthier living for residents, at the same time reduces negative effects of the construction process on the environment.

Most of these projects employ internationally acclaimed architects and designers who bring to table the latest in construction technology, planning and project layout. They provide residents with a green lifestyle enhancing their living experience. Increase in green space improves the urban environment by reducing carbon emission; water quality is protected, reduces heat build-up, improves air quality, rainfall retention (rainwater harvesting) and helps natural resource conservation.

Most luxury housing projects integrate more greenery, open landscape and play areas for children, sports and recreational facilities etc. This creates an ambience conducive for positive living – health of body and mind; and a healthy lifestyle. Such projects are designed in such a way so as to be more spacious, allow plentiful sunlight into your apartment, perfect cross ventilation and a panoramic view of the city.

Over the last decade or so, the concept of luxury living has become an integral part of the Indian landscape. We have seen new areas transform into aspiring addresses for the rich and aspiring middle class to flaunt. In Mumbai, areas such as Lalbaug – Parel have seen a mushrooming of high-rise luxury properties. Apart from location advantage; being in the heart of the city and in close vicinity to upcoming infrastructure projects, business hubs and entertainment centres, these neighbourhoods have a snob value attached to them, making them the most desired by luxe home buyers.