Stanley Lifestyles launches a new luxury furniture collections

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NEW DELHI: Luxury furniture is becoming increasingly popular in India, as more and more people are investing in high-end furniture that adds a touch of class and elegance to their homes. From traditional wooden furniture to contemporary and modern designs, luxury furniture is the perfect way to create a luxurious and stylish atmosphere in any home.

From intricately carved wooden furniture to luxurious upholstery, Indian furniture makers are offering a variety of designs that are sure to impress any homeowner.

Luxury furniture is often customizable, allowing customers to choose the perfect pieces that match their home décor. With the right pieces, a home can have a unique and sophisticated look that is sure to impress guests. Luxury furniture is a great way to upgrade a home and add a touch of elegance and style.

Frankfurt Euro Recliner

The Frankfurt Euro Recliner is the ultimate in luxury and comfort. Constructed of high-quality materials, this recliner features a double-motor German mechanism and independent back and foot movement – perfect for a multi-tasking lifestyle. Its sleek and trendy design is further enhanced by its high-density foam, providing the best in comfort and ergonomics.

It is available in a range of upholstery options, such as Scandinavia Max, Euronappa, Toscana Nova, Peach Melba, Arch Lenia, and New Orlando, and comes with a powder-coated black leg option. This luxurious recliner is available in single Seater making it the ideal choice for any living space.

Cologne Euro Recliner

Cologne Euro Recliner, the perfect combination of style and comfort. This recliner is designed with a sleek look and trendy design, complete with a double motor German mechanism for independent back and foot movement, allowing you to relax in ultimate comfort. It is upholstered with the highest quality fabric, with a range of options to choose from, including Scandinavia Max, Euro Nappa, Tuscana Nova, Peach Melba, Arch Lenia, and New Orlando, to perfectly match your existing décor.

The recliner is further enhanced with high-density foam for the best comfort and ergonomic support and is supported by metal legs for ultimate stability. Enjoy the ultimate in relaxation with the automatic reclining feature, with a simple control to find your desired position.

Hamburg Euro Recliner

Hamburg Euro Recliner, a luxury, modern take on relaxation. This recliner features a sleek and trendy design, making it perfect for any living room. The German double-motor design lets your back and feet move separately for maximum comfort and ergonomics.

The high-density foam provides the best comfort in any position. The Hamburg Euro Recliner comes with a range of upholstery options, including Scandinavia Max, Euro Nappa, Tuscana Nova, Peach Melba, Arch Lenia, and New Orlando. You can also choose the powder-coated black leg option for the perfect finishing touch. This recliner is available in a 1-seater configuration. Experience the luxury and convenience of the Hamburg Euro Recliner. Whether you’re looking to relax or entertain, this recliner is the perfect addition to any living space.