We are planning to make our own distribution channel: Saurabh Sood

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By Deepshikha Singh

Saurabh Sood, Founder-Nature Homes, is first generation entrepreneur and a graduate from Delhi University, who has 10+ years of experience in quality management and execution,marketing, sales and operations. After establishment of Nature Homes his main focus has been on creating more awareness and spreading knowledge about new construction techniques which are healthy for living and also for the environment.

In an interview with TheGlobalRealty (TGR), Sood elaborates about his business and how the Indian market is faring with respect to this modern housing concept. Excerpts:

TGR: What kind of solutions you provide to hotels/resorts?

Sood: Nature Homes provides all construction and design related services to the hospitality industry. From preparation of design of initial sketch to making a hotel/resort operational with complete cottages/rooms, with all required fittings and fixtures.

We have our own in-house design and technical team of architects which is specialized in designing and delivering projects for all categories of hotels and resorts.

TGR: Which regions will grow at a faster pace and why?

Sood: Wooden Houses built by Nature Homes are designed according to the climatic conditions of each region separately. So, our structures can be built in all regions. However comparing the regions on terms on business and workflow, we feel that the hills and coastal regions of our country has a lot of potential and also many new developers and individuals are coming up in the hospitality projects in these regions.

TGR: What are the emerging trends in this market and the reasons behind them?

Sood: With the kind of growth and exposure of our country is witnessing, our people are now well aware of what kind of construction methods and formats they should opt for their commercial and residential needs. Hence the latest trend in market is Prefabricated and Eco Friendly Construction and whole world is consciously looking to employ these techniques.

Having many benefits like faster construction, healthy living, environmental friendly and energy efficient. Prefabricated and Eco Friendly Construction is the need of the hour. Also after some unfortunate instances in our country like Kedarnath tragedy, even government is now promoting and supporting the Prefab and Eco friendly formats of construction widely.

TGR: What are the key factors affecting prefabricated housing market dynamics?

Sood: Prefab constructions are more widely used and acceptable across the globe. And we feel the most suitable and recent example of this format in our country is Metros, where the maximum material is procured and prepared at different places and just assembled on site.

However, Prefab Housings has many benefits, as they are faster to build, energy efficient and eco friendly in nature because of which the demands for prefab constructions is increasing day by day and there has been a surge for it in the market off late. This industry is set to witness a huge growth for itself.

TGR: What are some changing demands of customers in the prefabricated housing market?

Sood: The biggest changes we have noticed in demand of customers are that people are now asking for bigger structures with hybrid solutions where new and most effective technologies could be combined and incorporated easily.

TGR: What are the drivers and challenges of the prefabricated housing market?

Sood: The growth in demands and awareness about prefab buildings is the biggest factor driving the market.

The most common challenges for maker or a builder of prefab structure is that they have to work in extremely difficult climatic conditions and have to face regular issues like shortages of supply of basic things like electricity and water and during the fabrication time.

TGR: What are the business risks and threats to this market?

Sood: The general business risks and threat to this market is the non- skilled labour. This unskilled labour, after certain time develops a feeling that they can also make such structure without any technical knowledge and skills. Which becomes a huge risks for customers and their buildings, and also delivers the wrong message in society about the quality of this construction format and other genuine companies operating in the field.

TGR: What are your future plans?

Sood: With the continuous increase in demands of prefab buildings, we foresee a lot more business in near future and to cater to same, we are planning to make our own distribution channel so that we can reach and deliver in each and every part of the country.