CMC’s latest KalingaStone marble products for flooring applications

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NEW DELHI: Classic Marble Company (CMC) has introduced its latest KalingaStone marble products specifically for flooring applications. From the Bianchissimo collection is the pearl white Bianco Thassos and the other is Ashford Black from the Serenelli collection.

The former is a plain, single colour marble slab and the latter is a black marble with white swirls across its surface. The two have been introduced as a paired flooring option as can be seen in the representation image.

A simple off-white marble flooring layout with the Bianco Thassos is fashioned with a geometric design using Ashford Black as the contrast marble. The design is subtle but renders the room an additional design dimension making the flooring appear chic and tasteful.

For flooring, KalingaStone marble products are suitable in both the interiors and exteriors.

The KalingaStone marble range for flooring applications is an ideal choice due to its strength, durability and aesthetics. The products can be polished to give them shine and to maintain their feel and charm. The products are less porous, less susceptible to scratching and staining and easy to maintain making them ideal choices in flooring applications in commercial as well as residential areas.