Andhra Pradesh and Singapore sign MoU to upgrade construction methods

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AMARAVATI: Andhra Pradesh entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Singapore on Tuesday to accelerate the construction work of its new capital, Amratvati.

The Chief Minister welcomed Singapore Minister for Social and Family Development Desmond Lee, who was accompanied by a delegation of 50 members.  Lee said that the delegates represented companies from Singapore and international companies based out of Singapore.

“The business delegation, the Singapore Business Federation and the Joint Implementation Steering Committee, all have a sense of confidence when it comes to investing in Singapore”, Lee added.

An MoU was signed between AP Real Estate Regulatory Authority and Building and Construction Authority of Singapore, which ensures a commitment of knowledge sharing in the field of construction. The MoU will empower APRERA to promote and create a safe, high quality, environment-friendly and productive built environment in Andhra Pradesh. This will be possible with the help of expertise relating to the set-up, operation, experience and best practices in Construction.

Hugh Lim, the Chief Executive Officer of Building, and Construction Authority of Singapore said that their initiatives to create a safe built environment in Singapore through the Construction and Real Estate Network (CORENET) e-Submission system for project approvals can help bring high-level technology to Amaravati.

“We also focus on Green Building Roadmaps and Green Mark Certification to promote environmental sustainability, which is in line with the State’s vision of building the green eco-friendly city of Amaravati”, said Lim.

This prompted the Chief Minister to suggest that an entire city called Construction City must be created as a one-stop centre for the manufacturing of construction materials, designing, construction academies and trade.

“There is a huge market in India for this as we bring our construction materials from different parts of the world”, he said requesting the cooperation of the delegates to help build on this idea.

“On my visit to Singapore on the 7, 8 and 9 July I want to discuss the developments in this idea with all of you. I also want to explore how to improve our system and create a one-stop centre for foreign investors”, he added.

“Our goal is to create 9 cities and 27 townships, all of which will be self-sustainable. I want the State to be tourist-friendly, promoting our native cultural strengths through religious tourism, agricultural tourism and village tourism”, he said.

He also spoke about the longstanding and fruitful relationship between Singapore and Andhra Pradesh, and admired the way they recently hosted the 2018 North Korea-United States Summit. “An event which was controversial on an international scale was hosted with such grace and responsibility without anything untoward taking place”, he remarked.